VENT Coffee aims to be a brand new coffee shop for the town of Goole, not only will we serve, what in our opinion is, the best coffee in the land, it will also be ethically sourced. 

We also aim to provide training and apprenticeships to young people aged 16-25 with significant barriers to employment such as lack of qualifications and experience. Helping to raise self-esteem, confidence, employability, and skills. 

We are looking for backers to help us get this vision off the ground, there are loads of ways you could help:

Time, Treasure, Talent.

How Can I Help?


You could help us by donating your time to the project? From a one off to a regular time commitment, everything is useful. 
If you wish to volunteer your time, please fill out this form!


We can't escape from the fact, that we need cash! We need to raise as much capital as possible to realise the goals and objectives. To make it easy for you to make a decision on how much you can donate, we are in the process of setting up a Crowd Funding Site, where you can find out what your money can buy, as well as the rewards we are offering to backers.

If you already feel inspired to donate to us please click here to donate £10 via our online store! and to say thank you, we will give you one free coffee when we open.
Want to give more? You can add as many multiples of £10 as you wish!


Do you have expertise in business or coffee making? Are you a budding graphic designer? Do you want to pass on your knowledge and help us grow as an organisation? We would love to hear from you! We need people who have, "been there, done that, got the T-shirt" and want to help us avoid the pitfalls and/or share the success stories that helped shape your experiences. Please get in contact.


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